2018 Season

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2018 Season Wolves Game Bites

This page provides some short "game bites" during the season from some of the seasons Varsity soccer games.

13 April 2018

What a night! It was a cold, breezy, rainy evening as the Wolves took on the Vikings at home. The game began with two teams energized and ready to play. The Wolves started out strong, but Inglemoor was not shying away and played just as strong. Both teams were up and down the field throughout the first half with several shots on goal by each team. The half ended with both teams not scoring. As the second half began Eastlake had several good runs, but could not manage to get it into the goal. High shots, wide shots, combined with some good saves by the Vikings Goalie kept the Wolves from scoring. Much of the same was realized by Inglemoor as Eastlake's Goalie also had several good saves. This saw the regular game time finish with neither team scoring and setting up for a dual in overtime. As overtime started, both teams wanted to score and walk out with a win as demonstrated by each team picking up the pace and pressuring the other. In the end though, both teams were scoreless and the game ended in a 0-0 tie for the night.

22 March 2018

It was the second home game for the Eastlake Wolves this season. Though it was cloudy, on and off drizzling rain, and mid-40s temperatures, it was an action packed game with the Issaquah Eagles. The Eagles scored first at the 25:20 mark with another goal a few minutes later. The Wolves continued to battle and both teams were up and down the field with some good passing, though Issaquah seemed to be in a groove throughout the whole night. Eastlake scored to come within one, but then Issaquah went to work quickly at the start of the second half scoring within 10 seconds of the half. The Wolves battled througout the rest of the night, but never could get any closer to the Eagels. In the end, the visiting Eagles won the night with a final score of 4-1.

13 March 2018

It was the opening season home game for the Eastlake Wolves. Under the cloudy skies, rain coming down in waves at times, and with temperatures in the mid-40s, the Wolves kicked off the season against the visiting Bothell Cougars. Bothell scored first at the 17:55 mark, but then the Wolves kicked into another gear. Doing so, they scored two goals to go into halftime with a 2-1 lead. Coming out of halftime, Eastlake picked up right where they were before the break with some good passing, keeping the pressure up on the Cougars througout the second half. Combined with some great defensive plays and aggressive offensive moves, the Wolves scored three more goals to end the game with a 5-1 win for the night.

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