2019 Season

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2019 Season Wolves Game Bites

This page provides some short "game bites" during the season from some of the seasons Varsity soccer games.

23 April 2019

It was Senior night for the Eastlake Wolves team and their last Home game for the season. Though it was a cloudy night and only in the high 40's, it was dry. Both the Wolves and the Skyline Spartans started out strong and aggressive in their play right from the kickoff. Most of the first half saw the Wolves in Spartan territory and Eastlake took the lead late in the first half at the 5:45 mark scoring the first goal of the game. The first half would end with the Wolves holding the only score. The second half started off with both teams playing strong and a lot of back-and-forth play up and down the field. The Spartans did score at the 15 minute mark on a penaly kick to tie up the game. The game would go into overtime with the Wolves scoring within the first two minutes to go on top. The game ended with Eastlake winning against Skyline and a final score of 2-1.

09 April 2019

It was Spring Break week for both teams, and the game started out raining and in the high 40's. The Eastlake Wolves were playing against the visiting Bothell Cougars. With the wet weather both teams started out slipping a bit on the field. There was a lot of back and forth and up and down the field, but no score in the first half. Both teams passing was off during the evening, and it was tough to get a good rhythm of play going. The Wolves struck first at the 21 minute mark and the Cougars had a number of shots on goal, but were not able to get one in as the Wolves defensive stepped up. Eastlake scored again with 15 seconds left in the game and the final score saw the Wolves on top 2-0.

06 April 2019

The game started the first half cloudy and in the low 50's. While the second half started with a hard down pour and then let up. The Eastlake Wolves came out ready to play against the visiting Camas Papermakers from Camas, WA. Fifteen minutes into the first half the Wolves took the lead with a straight shot to the goal, and then at the 16 minute mark Eastlake struck again to go on top 2-0. The second half saw a lot of strong back and forth play up and down the field. Both teams did not want to budge and were aggressive in their play. The Wolves were able to score one more in the half to finsh the game with the win and a final score of 3-0 againt the Papermakers.

05 April 2019

It was a wet evening for soccer with rain pouring down earlier in the evening. Though it did stop right before the game and held off throughout the whole game. Temperatures remained in the high 40's for the evening. The Eastlake Wolves scame out strong and aggressive to start the game and scored in the first five minutes. The first half remained close with both teams defensives playing strong. The Union Titans took advantage of a penalty kick with less then two minutes in the first half and tied up the game right before half time. The second half saw a much more aggressive Titans team than the Wolves and the Titans played strong scoring three more times against the Wolves. The Titans closed the game out winning be a score of 4-1 against the Wolves.

21 March 2019

It was a moderate cloudy evening in the high 40's and a good night to play soccer. Both the Eastlake Wolves and visiting North Creek Jaguars started out ready to play. Each team moved the ball up and down the field pushing eachothers defenses. The teams appeared to be evenly matched with neither one giving in to the other. Finally after 33 minutes of play in the first half, the Wolves scored. This is exactly how the first half ended. The second half of play started out much like the first half with neither team backing down. Throughout the second half, both teams went up and down the field several times. There were a number of great saves by both teams goalies causing neither team to score in the second half. Finally, the game ended with Eastlake winning 1-0 againt North Creek.

12 March 2019

It was another cool cloudy evening in the high 30's. Light fog came into the stadium mid way in the game, but blew out later. Both the Eastlake Wolves and visiting Newport Knights started the game out strong. While both teams were playing aggressive offensively, each side matched the other defensively. Then after six minutes into the game, the Knights took the lead on a corner kick to go on the board with the first point. That would be the only score in the first 40 minutes of play. The second half started where the first half ended, with both teams continuing to play strong. While the teams showed good passing and ball movement up and down the field, both defenses continued to play strong as well. The Wolves were able to score on a penalty kick at the 34 minute mark. This tied the game and pushed the game into overtime. Neither the Wolves or the Knights would budge during the overtime play, and both teams remained strong. After playing back-to-back days, the Wolves ended with a tie aginst the Newport Knights 1-1.

11 March 2019

It was the first home game of the season and it was a cool cloudy evening in low 40's. The Eastlake Wolves opened up against the visiting Emerald Ridge Jaguars strong. Right from the start the Wolves started the game aggressive and pressured the Jaguars scoring just two and half minutes into the game to take the lead. It didn't stop there as the Wolves scored again at the 35 1/2 minute mark and never looked back. The Jaguars did score at the 22 minute mark, and the first half ended with the Wolves on top 2-1. The Wolves didn't miss a beat from the first half and came out strong once again to start the first half. While there was a lot of back-and-forth play for most of the second half, the Wolves did score once again at the 15 1/2 minute mark. The remaining minutes of the game saw the Wolves close it out with a 3-1 win.

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